Royal Veterinary College

The Royal Veterinary College (RVC), part of the University of London, is the largest and longest established vet school in the UK. With well-established research ventures such as the Centre for Emerging, Endemic and Exotic Diseases (CEEED), RVC houses some of the world experts in veterinary medicine and infectious disease control, including NTDs. 

The Livestock Production and Health (LPH) Research Programme at the Royal Veterinary Collegebrings together scientists from multiple disciplines addressing issues of global importance relating to food security and public health. New approaches are required to meet current and future challenges of food security, particularly to prevent or control emerging zoonotic disease threats. This requires a systems approach to dealing with health problems in animals and people, integrating knowledge generated by complementary disciplines.

Their strategy to tackle neglected tropical diseases hasdeveloped from recognition of the international need to understand factors (biological, environmental and socioeconomic) that influence pathogen flow between wildlife, domestic livestock, companion animals and humans so that (re-)emergence of disease threats can be predicted and control strategies devised to contain them. This paradigm which aims to understand the importance of and interaction between animal and human health, called OneHealth, is incredibly important to the study and control of NTDs.