Mission & Objectives

Researchers in Tanzania


The LCNTDR facilitates coordination of NTD research activities between its members, with its priority being to advance research that supports the achievement of targets set in the WHO road map for NTDs 2021-2030.


  • Provide evidence-based technical and training support to countries to develop and strengthen national NTD programmes
  • Support harmonisation of multi-sectoral partnerships and collaborations, supporting all cross-cutting themes identified in the WHO road map;
  • Act as an NTD knowledge base for disseminating innovative and evidence-based information for policy and programme formulation;
  • Provide a neutral coordinating platform for partner collaboration on NTD prevention, control, elimination and eradication efforts;
  • Prioritise research in fields including: spatial epidemiology, transmission dynamics, diagnostic methods or tools that support diagnosis at low prevalence or infection intensity and surveillance as identified in the WHO road map 2021-2030 as fundamental to reaching the targets set for 2030.