SCHISTOX: An individual based model for the epidemiology and control of schistosomiasis –

04 Feb 2021

A stochastic individual based model, SCHISTOX, has been developed for the study of schistosome transmission dynamics and the impact of control by mass drug administration. More novel aspects that can be investigated include individual level adherence and access to treatment, multiple communities, human sex population dynamics, and implementation of a potential vaccine. Many of the model parameters have been estimated within previous studies and have been shown to vary between communities, such as the age-specific contact rates governing the age profiles of infection. However, uncertainty remains as there are wide ranges for certain parameter values and a few remain relatively unknown. We analyse the model dynamics by parameterizing it with published parameter values. We also discuss the development of SCHISTOX in the form of a publicly available open-source GitHub repository. The next key development stage involves validating the model by calibrating to epidemiological data.