Professor Deirdre Hollingsworth

Senior Group Leader
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Prof Deirdre Hollingsworth

Dr Deirdre Hollingsworth is an infectious disease epidemiologist at the University of Warwick, who uses mathematical models and statistical analyses to study the evolution and transmission dynamics of infectious diseases with the aim of informing the design of more effective control interventions. She is  particularly interested in neglected tropical diseases, a group of diseases which cause suffering amongst the poorest populations of the world. she currently leads the NTD Modelling Consortium, an international network of neglected tropical disease modellers. The NTD modelling consortium published a collection of quantitative analyses to support the achievement of neglected tropical disease goals in Parasites and Vectors in October 2015.

Dr Deirdre Hollingsworth research foci are lymphatic filariasis, visceral leishmaniasis and a group of intestinal worms (soil transmitted helminths or STHs) which affect a large number of children and adults in low income settings. She has ongoing interests in and the transmission and evolution of HIV in both Africa and European/North American settings as well as malaria and influenza.

Dr Hollingsworth is on LCNTDR's Management Board.