Mathematical Modelling for NTDs - Presentations from the LCNTDR research afternoon

03 May 2017

The LCNTDR research afternoon series offers an opportunity for researchers to share their latest research findings and keep up-to-date on the work of  colleagues. The April edition of this series focused on Mathematical Modellling for NTDs.

Download the presentations from this research afternoon:

Insights from modelling on Schistosomiasis control policy  [PDF 500KB] (slides 1-4)
Dr Jaspreet Toor – Imperial College London

Modelling the potential impact of a partially efficacious vaccine on the transmission dynamics of S. mansoni (slides 5-11)
Andria Stylianou - Imperial College London

Modelling onchocerciasis elimination in foci of Mali & Senegal [PDF 2MB]
Dr Martin Walker – Royal Veterinary College

Is there evidence that the seasonal timing of mass de- worming for Ascaris is important? [PDF 1MB]
Emma Davis – University of Warwick

Current and future directions in STH modelling: study design simulation
Dr Marleen Werkman – Imperial College London

Research questions on zika virus that can be informed through modelling [PDF 4MB]
Dr Kathleen O’Reilly – London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Modelling interventions against Taenia solium using EPICYST [PDF 1MB]
Matthew Dixon – Imperial College London