Further evaluation and validation of HybridoMed Diff 1000 and its comparison to Basch medium for the cell-free culture of Schistosoma mansoni juvenile worm stages

28 Feb 2022

Schistosomules of the human parasite Schistosoma mansoni are vital for research focusing on the fundamental functional/developmental biology of schistosomes and many anti-schistosomal drug discovery programmes. Through the further evaluation and validation of a recently tested media, HybridoMed Diff 1000 (HM), for the cell-free culture of juvenile schistosomules, we show that while Basch medium was superior to HM for the survival/development of schistosomules, HM represents a viable and attractive alternative for somule culture, particularly to the early liver stage. Adoption of HM for schistosomule culture could facilitate more standardised approaches, which for drug screening should enable improved multi-centre target-hit evaluation.