Natural History Museum receives award for outstanding public engagement

23 Feb 2017
NHM receives award for outstanding public engagement


Congratulations to the Natural History Museum (NHM) London for receiving an award for outstanding public engagement at the inaugural International Society for Neglected Tropical Disease (ISNTD) Festival last week! The award was presented to NHM for their innovation and engagement across all communication and exhibition channels for NTD research and control. The NHM has been very creative in their use of different media for engaging the public as well as the scientific community, including giving talks, writing blogs, sending tweets, and engaging schools and communities in the UK and in Africa on parasites, vectors and NTDs. 

This award recognizes the NHM London for:

  *   the rigorous scientific, public and patient engagement in the UK and worldwide

  *   the sustained advocacy for neglected tropical diseases throughout a variety of communication formats, events and platforms

  *   the establishment of a dynamic and collaborative international research and civic community