LCNTDR published 2023 Research Highlights booklet

30 Jan 2023

The London Centre for NTD Research has published its 2023 Research Highlights Booklet. 

The booklet includes:

  • Introduction by Professor Joanne P. Webster FMedSci
  • MVLA-ompA sequencing of ocular Chlamydia trachomatis in a trachoma-endemic population in Amhara, Ethiopia
  • Quantifying the interconnectedness between poverty, health access, and rabies prevalence and mortality
  • Ongoing Zika virus transmission in Brazil
  • Ending the neglect of cystic echinococcosis by integrating mathematical modelling, economic analysis, and social sciences
  • Investigating the molecular epidemiology of Schistosoma species in Eswatini Evolution of Tetraspanin antigens in the zoonotic Asian blood fluke
  • Schistosoma japonicum
  • Assessing the food-borne risks of Toxocara infection in support of public
  • health and food quality assurance
  • Investigating the role of Chlamydia-specific antibodies in ocular infection and disease progression
  • Parasites and childhood stunting – a mechanistic interplay with nutrition, anaemia, gut health, microbiota, and epigenetics
  • Buruli-RifDACC: Evaluation of the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of high- dose vs. standard-dose rifampicin on outcomes in Mycobacterium ulcerans disease: a randomised controlled trial in Ghana
  • Travel grant write up: investigating the molecular epidemiology of
  • Schistosoma mansoni
  • Advancing the environmental monitoring of schistosomes using fish faecal xenomonitoring

Access the booklet here