University of Papua New Guinea

The Vision of The University of Papua New Guinea is to be the Premier University dedicated to excellence and providing quality education, research, and service to Papua New Guinea and the Pacific.

In pursuit of its Vision, the University of Papua New Guinea is guided by the following values:

  • Preserving, refining, extending, and transmitting knowledge in an environment that fosters free enquiry, open debate and constructive criticism;
  • Promoting sustainable nation building through the development of capacity, academic achievement, and professional excellence of the highest level ;
  • Striving to achieve a just and caring society, characterised by social harmony, tolerance, respect for cultural differences, and free from all forms of discrimination;
  • Fostering within the University a climate of transparency, openness, and cooperation that values the contribution of all staff and students;
  • Practising good governance through individual and group accountability for decisions, actions, and outcomes;
  • Developing and maintaining cooperative relationships with international institutions and development partners;
  • Strengthening partnerships and networks with employers, professional groups and other educational and research institutions;
  • Strengthening partnerships with community-based organisations, non-government organisations, sports groups, church groups, youth groups, women groups, and others;
  • Promoting an ethical environment of caring and sharing;
  • Practising the sustainable use of resources;
  • Promoting indigenous cultures, languages, and knowledge;
  • Building a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship;
  • Creating an environment to develop qualities of leadership and good governance; and
  • Providing equal opportunity for university education, based on academic merit and character.

The University of Papua New Guinea is currently working to expand its research activities and improve linkages between cross-cutting issues, such as WASH, with more specific NTD research.