SEAMEO RECFON was established in 1967 as SEAMEO TROPMED Regional Centre for Community Nutrition, and transformed into Regional Centre for Food and Nutrition in 2011.  It is one among the 24 SEAMEO Centers located throughout SEA region.  It is a unit hosted by Ministry of Education and Culture RI and located in Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta with a mission to conduct education, capacity building, research and information dissemination in food and nutrition through partnership for sustainable human resource development.

As of today, over 3000 alumni working in nutrition, health, agriculture, education and other related disciplines from SEA countries and beyond have been exposed to and benefiting the Center’s program and activities.   Not to mentioned that since 2002, SEAMEO RECFON has successfully carried out 11 Leadership Programs with a total of 254 alumni from various countries and institutions in the SEA region and beyond.  Some SEANLP alumni hold strategic positions in their country, and lead nutrition development programs. The SEANLP is conducted under the auspices of the European Nutrition Leadership Program (ENLP) and is part of the Global Nutrition Leadership Platform together with ENLP and African Nutrition Leadership Program (ANLP).