Professor Robin Bailey

Professor Consultant Physician in Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine
robin.bailey [at]
Prof Robin Bailey

Prof Bailey's field studies on single dose azithromycin led to the International Trachoma Initiative donation programme which aims to distribute 135 million doses in the next 5 years, and his work on transmission of trachoma by flies has put latrine provsion onto the agenda of control programmes.

In the laboratory he has designed, conducted and supervised studies on molecular diagnostic methods, on the role of cellular and humoral immunity in protection and pathogenesis, and on immunogenetic factors in susceptibility to scarring sequelae of infection. With Martin Holland, who now leads the trachoma projects in The Gambia Prof Bailey established real time PCR methodology for diagnostics and gene expression studies based in the Unit.

Alongside his work on Trachoma in The Gambia he also has interests in malaria and STDs. He is an accredited UK specialist in Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine Medical Register and Specialist register