Professor Quentin Bickle

Professor of Parasitology
Quentin.Bickle [at]

After a degree in Zoology, Quentin undertook a MSc in Medical Parasitology at LSHTM. His PhD project, on mechanisms of vaccine-induced immunity against schistosomes, was carried out at the LSHTM field station, Winches farm, during which time he also worked at the National Institute for Medical Research on schistosome antigens/antigen genes. After a year’s sabbatical at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in Melbourne working on malaria antigen genes Quentin returned to work at the Keppel Street site of LSHTM, continuing studies on the immunology of helminths and of coinfections between helminths and protozoa or viruses. He has also been involved in field research on the immunology and control of intestinal worm infections. 

Quentin research interests focus on the discovery of new anthelmintic drugs. This is based on novel techniques developed at LSHTM e.g. use of an automated, whole-organism, High-throughput drug screen (HTS) using High Content imaging. This has allowed HT screening of very large compound collections provided by pharma and academia. Through collaboration with medicinal chemists the aim is to develop the lead compounds Quentin and colleagues have discovered into new clinical candidates for schistosomiasis and to extend use of the technology for screening against other helminth species.