Professor Lori Snyder

Professor of Microbiology and Genomics
l.snyder [at]

Lori A. S. Snyder leads a research group at Kingston University focused on combating antibiotic resistant infections and bacterial genetics and genomics, which has developed novel antimicrobials to stop infant blindness from multi-drug resistant bacterial infections. Her genomics research began during her PhD at Emory University and continued through her post-doctoral work at the University of Oxford and the University of Birmingham. In 2013, Dr. Snyder was awarded the Society for Applied Microbiology W H Pierce Prize for her substantial contributions to the science of applied microbiology due to her work in genomics. In April 2020, Dr. Snyder published Bacterial Genetics and Genomics with Taylor & Francis, a Choice Editor’s Pick May 2021 and named a Choice Outstanding Academic Title of 2021.