Professor Andreia Santos

Assistant Professor in Health Economics
Andreia.Santos [at]

Andreia is an economist trained in Brazil and the United Kingdom. Her research focuses on the economics of infectious diseases (costing and cost-effectiveness analyses of interventions) in Brazil, the United Kingdom and in Africa. Her PhD employed a mixed model (using insights from psychology and economic theory) to predict choices for sanitation in Salvador, Brazil. 

Since her PhD, Andreia has developed an interest in behaviour economics models that combine economic and psychology theories, and econometrics and statistical techniques to understand the cognitive processes that individuals use to judge future events (e.g. risk of diseases) and make choices.  

Other studies involve the costing and cost-effectiveness analysis of HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis interventions, and Chlamydia, syphilis and HIV/AIDS point-of-care tests in Brazil and the United Kingdom. Her research interests also cover the Zika virus in Brazil.

She is also a researcher and collaborator for Brazil's Institute of Community Health of the Federal University of Bahia, the University of Pernambuco and the Alfredo da Matta Foundation.