Nancy Aguoru

Research Student

As an inquisitive individual, digging deep into the science of our fragile being that is threatened by diseases and the ticking time bomb of age has always been my dream career. I am a first class Bsc Biomedical science graduate of Kingston University London. Upon completion of my undergraduate degree programme, I was awarded the IBMS President's prize as the most outstanding student for the 2017/2018 academic year. Because of my love for science and laboratory work, I undertook a Laboratory research work as part my final year project. Here, I researched on the effect of GSH/GSSH on the growth and development of three cancer cell lines -BxPC-3, MIA Paca-2 (both pancreatic cancer), and HepG-2 (liver cells as a comparative cell) in control and after treatment with hydrogen peroxide and Oleic Acid. I am currently a PhD research student working on the human pathogen Schistosoma mansoni. My research project has not only equipped me with vital laboratory and presentation skills, it has enabled me acquire detailed knowledge and understanding of the biology, life cycles, diagnosis of schistosomes infections in humans and strategies for control. it has also given me the opportunity to work alongside esteemed professors as well as participate in some renowned conferences such as the British Society For Parasitology spring meeting where I am currently a member. I am a self-motivated and determined individual that is not discouraged by challenges. my great enthusiasm for science and life as a whole has only been strengthened by my paramount desire to help others and zeal to make a great change in the society.