Jasmin Panzid-Foster

Student in Medical Parasitology

Jasmin graduated with a First Class BSc Hons in Zoology from Liverpool John Moore’s University in 2015 where she founded her passion for Parasitology. Having studied a number of zoonotic parasites including Plasmodium spp., Echinococcus, Schistosomes, Leishmania and Trypanosomes and their severe effect on human life and wellbeing Jasmin was keen to get involved with research in vector control and managing transmission. During a 5 year detour she began working in digital marketing, started an online marketing business and travelled to a number of countries including a wildlife sanctuary in Botswana and a turtle rehabilitation centre in Australia. Jasmin is now studying a Masters degree in Medical Parasitology at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and has a keen interest in Parasitological Diagnostics and Entomology. During and after my studies Jasmin wants to get involved with research surrounding vector control, discovering new and effective ways of breaking parasite life cycles and preventing the spread of parasitic disease. She has a particular interest in biological control methods including the use of the bacteria Wolbachia to hinder insect fecundity.