Dr Wes Hinsley

GIS/Database/HPTC Analyst Tech Support
w.hinsley [at] imperial.ac.uk

Wes provides technical help with high-performance computing, cluster support, large dataset issues, database handling and general programming assistance to members of the MRC Centre for Outbreak Analysis, in the Department of Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology in St. Mary's. He is also develops the Global Epidemic Simulator: a platform for modelling of directly-transmitted infectious diseases such as influenza. Simulations are individual-based, involving the travel moments and interactions between infected and susceptible people.

Wes's background is Computer Engineering, with an M.Eng and Ph.D from Imperial College Department of Computing. His main areas of experience are software engineering, code-generating compilers (auto-programming), and individual-based modelling. Previously he designed the Virtual Ecology Workbench (VEW), a suite of tools for creating individual-based plankton ecosystem models.