Dr Punam Mangtani

Associate Professor in Clinical Epidemiology
punam.mangtani [at] lshtm.ac.uk

Punam main research areas of interest are the epidemiology of vaccine preventable diseases such as influenza, pneumonia, TB and hepatitis as well as reproductive health. Her current work is on the effectiveness of BCG and influenza vaccines and on vaccine safety in pregnancy. She leads on work  assessing factors affecting the efficacy of BCG vaccine and duration of protection of BCG. She is also currently working on a seroepidemiological study of human brucella in India that will inform a similar multi-centre study in West Africa.

Punam is interested in and have experience of interdisciplinary research to more effectively assess and respond to multifaceted issues e.g. the use of health economics for the control of vaccine preventable diseases, the role of nutritional changes and cancer with migration and currently one-health approaches with veterinary experts on the control and prevention of zoonotic infections such as brucella and avian influenza.