Dr Marc Baguelin

Assistant Professor
Marc.Baguelin [at] LSHTM.ac.uk

Marc is a mathematical modeller working at the Immunisation department at Public Health England and at LSHTM with Prof. John Edmunds

He is interested in how processes at different levels (social contacts, immune response, molecular sequences of the virus) can interact together and how they impact on the dynamics of infectious diseases. Marc believes that a more holistic approach to infectious disease modelling can greatly enhance our understanding of disease control mechanisms. He is currently working on the following projects: developing methods to use sequential serological samples to derive incidence using likelihood based method and adapt it to inform robust real time model of transmission, understanding the impact of changing social contacts during a calendar year and the possible impact on social distancing measures, evaluation of the long term effect of vaccination on seasonal influenza.

As part of Public Health England Marc is part of the evaluation of immunisation campaigns in the UK. With a team from Public Health England, the LSHTM and the Athens University of Economics and Business, he was involved in a study about the efficiency of potential extensions of the current influenza vaccination programme. This study resulted in a change of policy at the national level with an extension of the programme to 2-16 year old children.