Dr Lloyd Chapman

Assistant Professor of Infectious Disease Modelling
lloyd.chapman [at] ucsf.edu
Lloyd Chapman

Dr Chapman is a mathematician interested in improving control of infectious diseases through modelling and data analysis, currently working on modelling visceral leishmaniasis transmission as part of the SPEAK India consortium.

Lloyd's background is in traditional applied mathematics (mathematical biology, fluid dynamics, PDEs, etc.). He studied maths as an undergraduate and did his PhD at Oxford University on mathematical modelling of cell growth in tissue engineering bioreactors.

He is particularly interested in applying novel statistical methods and probabilistic modelling to infectious disease data, and in analysing spatial transmission of diseases.

For the last 3 years, Lloyd has worked on modelling of visceral leishmaniasis transmission in the Indian subcontinent as part of the NTD Modelling Consortium. The aim of this work has been to improve understanding of transmission of the disease, predict whether current interventions are sufficient to reach the 2020 target for elimination as a public health problem (<1 case/10,000 people/year), and suggest possible improvements to the current control strategy.