Dr Lionel Feugère

Senior research felow in Acoustics and Computer Science


Dr Lionel Feugère joined the University of Greenwich in March 2019. He studied Acoustics, Signal Processing and Computer Science at the University Paris Sud, IIT-Bombay and University Pierre et Marie Curie. Lionel Feugère’s research interests are the uses of computational audio techniques and interactive audio-visual systems to study sound communication. He aims to gather behavioural ecology and acoustics data to understand the complex sound production and auditory communication found in some animals and to use this knowledge to reduce the impact of pest insects responsible for major public health issues. Since 2017, Lionel is focusing on mosquitoes which are known both to have one of the most sensitive auditory organs among the invertebrates and to be vectors of serious diseases in humans and animals. He has investigated visual and acoustic cues involved in mosquito mating swarms and mating chases.