Dr Kris Murray

Lead Environment and Health
kris.murray [at] imperial.ac.uk

Dr Murray is an ecologist with interests in global change, conservation and health. His work centers on the interconnection between theses themes, broadly falling under the inter-related banners of Planetary Health, EcoHealth and OneHealth.

This includes:

  • Human health - climate, environmental and social change impacts on infectious disease burdens and distributions, disease emergence, zoonoses, biosecurity risks, health economics
  • Wildlife health - infectious disease burdens and distributions, disease emergence, disease ecology, biosecurity, wildlife trade
  • Biodiversity - extinction risks, threats (e.g., trade, diseases, habitat loss, invasive species, climate change), population ecology, behavioural ecology
  • Ecosystems - habitat loss, fragmentation and degradation, ecosystem services
  • Climate change - influence on ecosystems, biodiversity and human health

Kris is particularly interested in problems that characterise the impacts of global change, but that could also be leveraged for mitigating human impacts and promoting better stewardship of the natural world.

Current projects:

  • Snakebite eco-epidemiology
  • Pathogeography: biogeography (and mapping) of human infectious diseases 
  • Climate change and infectious diseases
  • Health co-benefits of environmental interventions
  • Ecology and management of amphibian chytridiomycosis
  • Ecology of emerging zoonotic diseases
  • Open-learning: massive open online courses (MOOCs) on climate change and health