Dr Kathleen O'Reilly

Research Fellow
Kathleen.OReilly1 [at] lshtm.ac.uk

Kathleen is an epidemiologist who specialises in the use of statistical and mathematical models to assist in developing control strategies for infectious diseases. 

Prior to LSHTM she was at Imperial College London where she held a MRC methodology research fellowship that focussed on development of statistical methods applied to polio eradication and other vaccine preventable diseases. This research was in collaboration with the WHO Polio Eradication Initiative.

Kathleen is an Associate Editor for BMC Infectious Diseases.

At the LSHTM she is involved with several projects:

  • Understanding the future trajectory of the Zika virus epidemic and strategies to prevent transmission (as part of the ZikaPLAN and ZikaAlliance consortia, with Oliver Brady and Laith Yakob)
  • Development of suitable scale-up strategies for Wolbachia use in high transmission settings (BMGF funded, led by Oliver Brady)
  • Further understanding the dynamics of elimination of poliomyelitis and measles (primary supervisor of MRC funded student Grace Macklin.