Dr Karin Seifert

Assistant Professor of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
Karin.Seifert [at] lshtm.ac.uk


Dr Seifert's research focuses on specific aspects in drug and vaccine development for leishmaniasis. Her research at LSHTM has included work on:

  1. Drug discovery and development: specifically i) drug resistance and efficacy, ii) drug activity evaluation and structure activity relationships (SAR), iii) studies on multidrug and combination chemotherapy, iv) investigation of drug delivery systems and v) studies on the role of macrophages in anti-leishmanial drug treatment.
  2. Vaccine development: specifically proof-of-concept studies in an EC funded project to develop a novel DNA vaccine for prophylactic and therapeutic indications in leishmaniasis (LEISHDNAVAX). 
  3. Pharmacokinetic / pharmacodynamic relationships of anti-leishmanial drugs and the biological evidence base of translational models used in drug discovery and development.

She also an advisor to PhD students working on TB and cutaneous leishmaniasis.