Dr Isobel Blake

isobel.blake [at] imperial.ac.uk

Isobel's research is based upon using statistical and mathematical models to analyse surveillance data to inform the design of optimal intervention strategies. She has a particular interest in spatial epidemiology.

Isobel currently works in the Vaccine Epidemiology Research Group , in collaboration with the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. This work has included estimating the contribution to poliovirus transmission by different age groups, evaluating clustering methods to identify polio outbreaks earlier and estimating vaccine-induced population immunity against poliomyelitis in the lead-up to the global withdrawal of the type-2 oral poliovirus vaccine. During the polio endgame, systematic testing of sewage (environmental surveillance) for the presence of poliovirus is becoming an important surveillance method due to the large number of asymptomatic infections. Her research is focussed on estimating the sensitivity of this surveillance system and evaluating where such a system would be best placed based on spatiotemporal risk factors and local geographical characteristics.

Isobel has previously worked on a range of infectious diseases including trachoma, bovine tuberculosis. She was also a member of the WHO Ebola response team, who provided real-time epidemiological analyses during the West African Ebola outbreak.