Dr Farah Ahmed

Head of Imaging
f.ahmed [at] nhm.ac.uk

Farah received a BSc in Biomaterials Engineering and a PhD in Biophysics from Queen Mary University of London. Farah studied the three-dimensional structure of pathological bone using Micro-CT during her time as a PhD researcher. Following a short research position at the school of Medicine and Dentistry at QMUL, she worked in a CT based consultancy. Farah currently manages the X-ray CT facility at the Natural History Museum in London and works on over 100 CT related projects a year across all science disciplines. Farah has held position of conference chair for Tomography for Scientific Advancement (ToScA) since 2013. She also holds a fellowship awarded in 2013 by the Software Sustainability Institute. Farah is heavily involved in outreach work and is interested in working closely with science and non-science groups to communicate NHM science to the public. Farah's main research interests lie in developing CT methodology for a broad range of applications including - meteorites, soft tissue, bone, biomaterials, medical devices, the mining sector and palaeontology.