Dr Debbie Nolder

Principal Scientific Officer Molecular Diagnostics
debbie.nolder [at] lshtm.ac.uk

Debbie joined the School in 1995 as a PhD student after obtaining her MSc in clinical parasitology (LSHTM / Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine). She had previously been employed at the PHLS Central Public Health Laboratory, Colindale (now PHE Centre for Infections), as a Clinical Scientist working on the development of immuno- and molecular diagnostic tests for protozoa associated with HIV infection.

Debbie's PhD investigated the genetic diversity, population structure and evolution of Leishmania populations belonging to the South American subgenus, Viannia.

Debbie has experience in monoclonal antibody production, mammalian cell culture and the in vitro cultivation of a broad range of protozoa plus extensive experience in molecular- and immunological-based research and diagnostic techniques.

Debbie is Lead BMS (molecular) in the PHE Malaria Reference Laboratory & LSHTM Diagnostic Parasitology Laboratory where she has a specialist interest in development and implementation of molecular diagnostic, typing and drug resistance assays for Plasmodium spp., and molecular diagnostic assays for diagnosis of Trypanosoma cruzi (Chagas disease)Acanthamoeba spp. (Acanthamoeba keratitis, AK) and Leishmania spp. infections.