Dr Belen Torondel

Assistant Professor
Belen.Torondel [at] lshtm.ac.uk

Dr Torondel's work at LSHTM has involved studies of the health impact of environmental interventions such as water supply, sanitation and hygiene promotion. One of her areas of expertise is to explore the association of pathogens and risk of infection associated with different hygiene and sanitation practices. She has extensive experience in  implementation and management of research environmental health projects in developing countries (Tanzania, Vietnam, India, Bolivia).

Belen's main research area of interest is menstrual hygiene (MH) in developing context. She has conducted a systematic review which compiles the evidence of the link between MH management and different health and social outcomes. She is leading a hospital case-control study in Odisha (India) assessing the urogenital health impact of menstrual hygiene management practices in Indian women and also a study in Gambia exploring challenges of mantaining a good MHM practices among school adolescent girls. 

She also participates in other projects taking place in India which aim to improve latrine uptake and use among rural communities of Odisha.