Daksha Patel

Daksha.Patel [at] lshtm.ac.uk

Dr Daksha Patel is a medical Doctor and an Ophthalmologist by training and has worked in a range of clinical settings in East Africa. She is also engaged in Public health for eye care at the International Center for Eye Health (ICEH).  

At present she is the e-learning Director for ICEH at LSHTM, and is involved in innovating and developing open education for eye health (OEEH)and massive open online courses (MOOCs) in eye care. These new developments in open education are supported by the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust and Seeing is Believing. The OEEH programme is the Winner of the National Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence 2019.

Daksha is also a Fellow of the Center for Distance Education(CDE) at the University of Loondon, world wide.

Previously, she was the Programme Director for the MSc in Public health for eye care from 2000 to 2014 and involved in transefering teh programme from UCL to LSHTM and inclding the WHO initiate in VISION 2020: the right toi sight into the training curriculum. 

Since 2009, she is also the co-director for developing and conducting training in Public health planning for Hearing Impairment. This course is unique to LSHTM and the only one of its kind globally in hearing impairment.