Charlie Whittaker

PhD student
charles.whittaker16 [at]
Charlie Whittake

Charlie is a PhD student in the Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology supervised by Prof Azra Ghani and Dr Peter Winskill

His work involves modelling the transmission dynamics of malaria across the diverse range of ecological settings present in India. Specifically, he is seeking to assess how heterogeneity in the distribution of vector species, parasites and ecological factors influence what constitutes the most effective way to combat the disease. More broadly, his interests include vector borne diseases, the role of ecological and anthropic factors in shaping their transmission dynamics, and the role of environmental change in influencing the emergence and spread of emerging and zoonotic diseases.

Charlie maintains a research interest in the infection loiasis. Caused by the helminthic parasite Loa loa, the disease has been recently been identified as a significant public health issue in Central Africa. He works alongside colleagues Professor Maria-Gloria Basanez and Dr Martin Walker looking at the mathematical modelling of Loa loa transmission dynamics.