Amy Coltman

Master of Public Health student

Amy joined Imperial College London as a Masters of Public Health student after completing my Bachelor of Science with Honours in Neuroscience. The right to health for all people and the global importance of innovation has led to her interest in pursuing a career within infectious disease epidemiology and public health policy.

Amy has a particular interest in the application and evaluation of surveillance and vaccination programmes in emerging countries, such as China and India, to tackle endemic diseases. This includes research on antimicrobial resistance and infectious diseases such as salmonella, schistosomiasis and Japanese encephalitis. Much of her research has focused on the adoption of One Health, environmental and behaviour change approaches in low and middle income countries.

Amy's dissertation focused on investigating environmental and behavioural risk factors for invasive non-typhoidal Salmonella disease in sub-Saharan Africa. Understanding this is particularly pertinent to assist vaccine and nonvaccine developments for the prevention and management of invasive non-typhoidal Salmonella disease in Africa. Amy believes that research into these areas will undoubtedly dictate the direction of future investment and resources, as Africa establishes its social and economic development.

Her other work on infectious diseases includes research into developing interventions using the One Health approach, to disrupt the transmission cycle of Japanese encephalitis virus in endemic areas of India. Having taken extended trips to Indonesia and Sri Lanka, Amy has witnessed first-hand how differing cultures and lifestyles can contribute to an individual country’s public health challenges. Within her career, Amy hopes to directly impact the future lives of others by contributing research towards such life threatening diseases.