Vector control and entomological capacity for onchocerciasis elimination

01 Apr 2022
Iñaki Tirados, Edward Thomsen, Eve Worrall, Lassane Koala, Tito T.Melachio, María-Gloria Basáñez


  • Modelling studies have suggested that elimination of transmission (EoT) of onchocerciasis may not be achieved by relying solely on mass drug administration (MDA) of ivermectin, particularly in hyperendemic areas and in those areas where onchocerciasis and loiasis are coendemic.
  • In onchocerciasis-loiasis coendemic areas, vector control methods could provide complementary strategies to accelerate elimination.
  • Study of host-seeking behaviour could inform the development of new control/monitoring tools against vectors. These new tools could be used against vectors of onchocerciasis, vectors of loiasis, or both.
  • Control and monitoring tools, exploiting the natural attraction of hosts, could be implemented by communities and enhance country ownership.
  • To ensure vector control capacity, well-trained, motivated, and appropriately funded local entomologists are essential to lead vector research and entomological operations.