Professor Robert Cheke

Professor of Tropical Zoology
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Prof Robert Cheke

Robert is Visiting Professor in the Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Imperial College London and Professor of Tropical Zoology at the University of Greenwich, based at the Natural Resources Institute in Chatham, Kent. He has served on committees of the British Ornithologists’ Union and the British Ornithologists’ Club and is a Fellow of the Linnean Society, Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society and Senior Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine.
Robert’s research interests concern the biology and control of disease vectors and pests of agriculture, mainly in Africa, with emphases on migrant pests (blackflies, locusts, quelea birds etc.) and quantitative analyses of field data to support modelling. A specialist on onchocerciasis, he was Consultant to the WHO Onchocerciasis Control Programme in West Africa from 1979 to 1990 and later for the WHO African Programme for Onchocerciasis Control Programme when he was involved with the successful elimination of onchocerciasis vectors from the island of Bioko, Equatorial Guinea. He has also been a consultant for UN agencies including FAO and UNOPS.

Robert has also worked on vectors of loiasis, sleeping sickness, malaria and dengue amongst the NTDs.