Dr Thibaut Jombart

Senior Lecture
t.jombart [at] imperial.ac.uk

Thibaut is a biometrician working on statistical genetics of pathogen populations. His work aims to develop novel statistical approaches for extracting information from pathogen genomes and gain insights into the spatio-temporal dynamics of infectious diseases. The methodological approaches he uses include multivariate analysis, Bayesian statistics, spatial statistics, graph theory, and phylogenetics. He is interested in using simulations to understand which and how biological processes shape the genetic diversity observed in biological populations.

He is also extensively involved with the development of free software for the analysis of genetic and epidemiological data and has organized a R hackathon on disease outbreak modelling using molecular data, hosted by the MRC Center for Outbreak Analysis and Modelling.

Thibaut is an author or contributor for the following R packages:

  • adegenet (author): multivariate analysis for genetic/genomic data
  •  geoGraph (author): large-scale modelling of spatial data
  •  ade4 (contributor): multivariate analysis, graphics, spatial statistics
  •  phylobase (contributor): handling and analyses of phylogenetic comparative data
  •  sedaR (contributor): spatial statistics for ecological data
  •  outbreaker (author): Bayesian reconstruction of disease outbreaks using genomic data